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company news about How to do the Clean Room? Purification principle of clean room

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Company News
How to do the Clean Room? Purification principle of clean room
Latest company news about How to do the Clean Room? Purification principle of clean room

How to do the Clean Room? Purification principle of clean room


The dust-free environment of the workshop is what we often call a dust-free workshop or a clean room, that is, a relatively closed space is fed with clean fresh air, and a certain return air or exhaust system is set up to properly pressurize the space. .


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1. Construction requirements for clean room decoration:

The ground treatment is self-leveling ground treatment, and a 2mm thick PVC floor is laid.


According to the requirements of GMP regulations, the design and installation of clean rooms should consider the parts that are not easy to clean during use. When carrying out purification and decoration, the gap between the door and window installation and the building, purification air conditioner, various pipelines, and lighting fixtures should be sealed.


All accessories, partition walls, ceiling fixing and hanging parts can only be connected to the main structure, and cannot be mixed with equipment and pipeline supports to prevent the decoration materials from loosening and dust falling off due to micro-shocks.


Gap in architectural trim and doors and windows should be sealed at the front.


In addition, according to the GMP certification inspection standards, the interior decoration of the clean room must meet the following requirements:


Materials with good air tightness and small deformation under changes in temperature and humidity should be selected.


The surfaces of walls and ceilings should be smooth, flat, free from dust, dust, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to clean, and reduce uneven surfaces. Make rounded corners with a radius equal to 50mm at the junction of the wall and the ground. Wall colors should be harmonious, elegant, and easy to identify contaminants.


Doors, windows and interior walls should be straight, and the structure should fully consider the sealing of air and water vapor, so that pollution particles are not easy to infiltrate from the outside and prevent condensation due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. The inner doors, inner windows and partitions and other gaps between rooms with different cleanliness must be sealed.


During construction, the amount of dust generated in the construction operation should be controlled, especially the hidden spaces such as the ceiling and the interior of the sandwich wall, which must be cleaned at any time.


In the room where the high-efficiency filter has been installed, the decoration work with dust cannot be carried out.


Pay attention to protect the completed work surface, and do not cause contamination of the board, dark cracks and surface decoration due to impact, beating, trampling, and multi-water operations.


Remind everyone to pay attention to the things that should be paid attention to when decorating and constructing in the dust-free workshop:

The clean room decoration and building decoration project must formulate strict construction procedures with various professional types of work. Generally, the order is: leaving holes for primer, various professional installations, installation of interior doors and windows, repairing holes and surrounding areas, basic primer, veneer plastering and Cover panel works, caulking, paint brushing works and papering works.

During the decoration and construction of the dust-free workshop, the dust must be cleaned at any time, and the cleaning records should also be made for the hidden spaces (such as the interior of the ceiling and the sandwich wall, etc.).


Before the surface layer of plastic sheets and coils are laid, they should be classified according to the size and thickness in advance. The adhesive should be fully coated between the sheets or coils and the ground, and the surface should be flattened without leakage or residual air.


Before the sealant is embedded, the impurities and oil stains in the base groove should be removed and the surface should be kept dry.

The equipment entrance temporarily set up in the dust-free workshop should be closed when not in use to prevent dust and debris from entering.


The construction site should ensure good ventilation and lighting. For the reconstruction project, the original power supply and flammable, explosive and toxic gas pipelines should be identified and cut off before construction. The corrosive liquid used in the production process should be protected. measure.

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