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company news about Hygiene and decontamination system for food industry

China Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited certification
China Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited certification
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Company News
Hygiene and decontamination system for food industry
Latest company news about Hygiene and decontamination system for food industry

Hygiene and decontamination system for dood industry


Strict hygiene and decontamination standards are important safety guidelines for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, as ensuring hygienic quality is the first step toward producing superior products. Therefore, we must enter the workshop on hand, shoes, rubber boots for efficient and reliable cleaning and disinfection. By using BioSmart Sanitation System, you can do this quickly, easily and efficiently to eliminate germs, microorganisms and prevent cross-infection. We know that every success you need to make sure every investment goes smoothly for years, while meeting the high sanitation and hygiene standards and regulatory requirements. Therefore, we provide solutions for your food and medicine manufacturing industry to provide you with a powerful, safe and efficient sanitary cleaning system that meets European and American standards of cleanliness. You will be able to achieve the best results in your daily work.


Automatic soap dispenser


The liquid soap dispenser combined with the three-roll gate access control system has played a mandatory role to the soapy liquid, can effectively prevent employees from entering the food manufacturing plant when they do not consciously wash their hands, played an automated unattended to achieve each employee can wash double water Role, reliable protection of food hygiene and safety in production.


Induction hand washing equipment


Wash basin integrated manufacturing, photoelectric switch sensing water, hand basin with a forced hand disinfection gate function, suitable for any food manufacturing enterprises.


Automatic dry hand


Dry hand pieces made of stainless steel 304 material shell will bring better health protection.


Tissue dispenser


PT Series: stainless steel paper towel dispenser, drawer


Hand disinfection equipment


Compared with the traditional hand-alcohol spray sterilizer high Chi production hand disinfection access control system has a mandatory spray hand disinfection function, combined with rugged three-roller gate can be guaranteed so that every employee can smooth the hand disinfection, Effective protection of food safety issues.


Sole cleaning machine - disinfection machine


Sanitary shoe soles cleaner, sole disinfection machine made of stainless steel 304, the product details in accordance with the requirements of food-grade design, easy to breed micro-organisms, easy to maintain, efficient and powerful cleaning effect and durable long-lasting stability, not only to ensure cleaning results and the costs incurred Lower, will be able to reliably ensure the cleanliness of the factory environment.


Water boots cleaning equipment


Sanitary automatic washing machine can be cleaned, disinfected all kinds of water shoes, with the soap to use effective Jie Jie various types of rubber boots surface: animal oil, industrial oil, dirt, to meet your daily needs.


Health and cleaning station



Sanitary cleaning stations, hand disinfection disinfection machine, using a one-stop solution to the overall hand, sole cleaning and disinfection functions, full induction start, to avoid multiple contact with cross-contamination. The main functions are: induction to the soap, hand-washing, hand-dry, hand disinfection, cleaning soles and other functions, which equipment is equipped with three roller gate, pass the compulsory disinfection hands before passing through to effectively solve the cleansing and disinfection of the staff's hand, shoe


Rubber boots drying disinfection machine


Rubber boots drying disinfection machine can be slow-drying rubber boots inside the low-speed drying and ozone disinfection, UV disinfection, deodorant and other functions, effectively reduce staff burden, and can reliably ensure health and safety.


Disinfection lockers


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