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company news about Operating procedures of Clean Room Air Shower

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Company News
Operating procedures of Clean Room Air Shower
Latest company news about Operating procedures of Clean Room Air Shower

Operating procedures of Air Shower


How to use the air shower


1. Opened the stainless steel air shower door into the air shower room, air shower door immediately closed automatically, infrared (voice / body heat) induction, air shower start automatically, blowing shower 15 seconds (factory set). Note: the air shower in the shower when the two stainless steel doors can not be opened at the same time, such as forcibly open the electronic lock will be damaged, air shower two door electronic interlocking control.


2. After the air shower leaching, open the door and enter the clean room.


How to install air shower:


Air shower room installed in the clean room entrance, the clean room wall with no gap between, still have air leak phenomenon, please sealant trimming, and please pay attention to the level of equipment installation, or open the door And durability. Equipment sub-base and no pedestal type, pedestal type can be directly adjusted after the level, with silicone to fill the decoration. Baseless type needs to be fixed with expansion screws, filled with silicone to modify. Connect the power supply to the terminals R, S, T, E in the terminal box above the device according to the voltage indicated on the specification.


How to maintain the air shower:


1. Primary filter: primary filter Below this device. Please remove the circulating air outlet can easily pull out the front filter. Obstruction of the front filter depends on the frequency of use and the state of cleanliness. Observe the blocking time at the initial stage of use. After that, it should be regularly cleaned with compressed air, water and vacuum. According to the general use of cleaning 2 to 3 times a month is necessary.


2. HEPA filter is located in the AIR NOZZLE, the renewal of the anemometer detection wind speed value (half the wind value) or pressure differential pressure measurement (pressure value double) to decide whether to dress or not, the test cycle of about two ~ Four times.


3. Due to the equipment inside the loop back to the wind, located below the machine so there will be a larger floor in the accumulation of pollutants in the corner, so please clean it more than once a week with a vacuum cleaner. Please confirm the blower rotation direction is correct. If it is found that the fan rotates in the opposite direction (the wind speed is obviously insufficient), please swap any two-phase power cables in the three-phase power to determine the positive direction of rotation.


How to Control and maintain the air shower:


The control of the number of dust particles in the clean room pays great attention to the environmental control and routine maintenance of the clean room air shower. The air purifying system plays a very crucial role. The requirements for the air cleanliness of the injection should be 100 and the vertical and horizontal unidirectional flow patterns should be adopted. The wind speed should be more than 0.25 m / s and 0.35 m / s respectively. When the air cleanliness is 10000 and 100000, Non-unidirectional flow, ventilation times were greater than 25 times / hour and 15 times / hour (300000 times the number of ventilation is not less than 12 times / hour), in order to promptly take away the dust and dust generated in the production process to maintain a clean room environment Cleanliness.


Clean room is divided into two types of biological clean room and non-biological clean room. Biological clean room air purification system must be continuous operation; non-biological clean room air purification system before use should be opened 4 hours in advance. Detection of dust particles with a dust particle counter, in the clean sanitation 0.5 to 1 hour after the buffer, in order to avoid pollution caused by man-made, clean room static test only two people. The key control points should be dynamically monitored during the injection production process. Microbial control. Controlling the clean room environment's microbiological content is still based on good air cleaning system facilities, which can filter out 99.9% to 99.99% of bacteria and dust in the air. Production of clean room temperature strictly controlled at 18 ~ 26 ℃, relative humidity control at 45% to 65%, in order to destroy the growth conditions conducive to bacteria, combined with disinfectant cleaning and disinfection. About daily disinfectant disinfection, daily after the end of the production, with 75% ethanol or 2 ‰ Bromogeramine solution wipe the machine, desktop, windows, automatic air shower, clean bench, clean shed, FFU fan filter unit, 3% to 5% of the Soviet Union to clean the ground disinfection of children. Every 3 days after the end of production, with 75% ethanol or 2 ‰ Bromogeramine solution on the surface of clean facilities and all roofs, lighting and other surface wipe disinfection, 3% to 5% of the Soviet Union on the ground disinfection of children.


Strict control of the pressure difference between the clean room and adjacent rooms is also an important part of ensuring the cleanliness of the air in the production room. Different cleanliness level of clean room and clean area and non-clean area should be greater than 5 Pascal, clean area and outdoor pressure should be greater than 10 Pascal, and air supply, return air and exhaust system flow should be closed Lock and operate in order to avoid air back flow and reduce the pollution of clean room environment caused by low-level dust. Before each production and after a certain period of production, the number of dust particles in the clean room after cleaning must be tested under static conditions to evaluate and master the content of dust particles in the clean room.


Clean indoor air shower environment control and routine maintenance is to kill the bacteria produced in the production process, control the clean room microbial content. These measures can only control the amount of bacteria in the clean room air and the type of bacteria, if more mold, it is necessary to first use 5% carbolic acid spray indoor, and then use formaldehyde fumigation in order to achieve aseptic effect, and the only way to kill Bacteria, Bacillus spores. Before the end of each production cycle, the next cycle before the production of sterile clean room disinfection disinfection prior to testing the number of clean room dust particles meet the requirements, and then clean the indoor formaldehyde gas fumigation, from the results of long-term testing Look, this method of environmental sterilization works well.


Formaldehyde gas sterilization technology. Formaldehyde fumigation not only has a good sterilization effect on molds that are not easy to kill, but also has a good killing effect on bacterial spores in the environment. Formaldehyde fumigation need to pay attention to: first ensure that the room temperature reaches above 35 ℃, relative humidity above 60%; secondly, to ensure the amount of formaldehyde to achieve the room volume of 10 g / m3 ratio; In addition, the room disinfection time of not less than 12 hours; Reminded that before the replacement of formaldehyde with the same proportion of ammonia to neutralize, it will minimize the harm to the human body and the pollution of the environment. In order to prevent bacterial resistance to formaldehyde, alternating ozone can be better.


Reduce the impact of people on the sterile environment:


People are the largest sources of pollution in aseptic environments. Therefore, the number of people working in the clean area, the number of people in the operating room, the magnitude of the operating motions and the style, texture and wearing of work clothes have a significant impact on the content of micro-particles and bacteria.

Blowing system editor


Air shower infra-red automatic sensor blowing system principles generally can be divided into two categories, the first category, simply use is the photoelectric effect of semiconductor materials, such as when the infrared radiation into a semiconductor PN junction can cause The semiconductor internal excitation of the carrier, in the PN junction built-in electric field under the effect of the migration of electrons and holes, if both ends of the PN junction plus wire plus load can be measured at both ends of the load voltage changes to This achieves the purpose of infrared sensing.


This type is called photon infrared detection (sensing), knowing that infrared radiation is necessarily accompanied by thermal effects, which can cause changes in object temperature when some objects absorb infrared radiation.


The second type of infrared sensing principle is to use infrared radiation caused by temperature changes to design, called thermal infrared detection.


Automated sensing system of the entire intelligent circuit board system detects people standing in the sensing area automatically start all devices, so as to achieve automatic blowing shower. Above refers to the automatic door air shower automatic door sensing system.


Air shower infrared sensor system automatically blows the air flow: the general air shower room into the shower area, the system will automatically sense blowing shower. Infrared sensor automatically blows the air blower, the air introduced from the outside air through the primary effect of the filter by the centrifugal fan into the air shower plenum, and then filtered by a high efficiency filter clean air from the air shower nozzle high-speed jet to achieve Air shower Purification purposes.


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