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Dongguan Zhisheng(Lihong) Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is builded in 1997, we are specialized in manufacturing clean room equipments, like air shower, air shower tunnels, Fan Filter unit(FFU), Pass Box,  Clean Bench, Laminar Flow cabinet, clean booth, various sole cleaning machines and boot washer,  various air filters including HEPA filters, fine filters, V type filter, medium filter, pocket filters and Pre-filter and other filters,  and HVAC air diffusers, air grilles and volume control dampers.


We make our products strictly in accordance with state standards. With the top-graded product quality in the industry, our company enjoys great reputation among the customers all over the country. Our products are also exported to Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries.


Clean room equipment include air shower, clean bench, FFU,pass box, pass box with air shower, clean booth etc.


Air filters include primary, medium, HEPA filter, Replacement filter for Projector and Air Purifier.


Our HEPA filter has passed the tests of National Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing for Air Conditioning equipment.


The purifying equipment are in conformity with GB5007-2001 Design Code of Cleaning workshop. Our wide range of air purifying product will surely satisfy different engineering requirements of different purifying grades.


We also supply shoe sole cleaning machines, Hand wash stations, boot washers,wash tanks and  hygiene station machines and stainless steel products for clean room and food factories.


HVAC products include air diffuser, air grille, air louver, air damper, pressure damper, Sound absorber and other accessory parts for air-conditioners. They are widely applied in many large-scale projects and win consistent high praise of our customers because of the superior quality and delicate crafts


We develop new products for pharmacy and hospital, like dispensing room, dynamic pass box, Electric sliding door and swing door for hospital, Laminar flow air supply ceiling,drug cabinet, instruction cabinet ,Wash hand sink, Liquid crystal light and so on.


Adhering to the operation tenet of Honesty Service and Pursue Perfection, our skillful and high quality employees will produce the best and most reliable products with advanced processing equipment and excellent materials. Comprehensive and prefect after-sales services will be available to customers. We are committed to provide the best products and comprehensive services to all customers.


We have Lasing cutting machine, Bending machine, Punching machine, these new machines makes sure the good-looking and superior quality for the machines.


Our workers have been more than 10 year experience in welding , and they have good skills to make sure the quality of machine.


Besides, we have R & D team, we have 5 engineer to design and develop the new product and selove the techncial issues of the machines.







Whatsapp(wechat): 86-13712072567



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In 1997 year: We built tthe first factory in 1997 in Dongguan, start manufacturing air diffusers, air grilles and air damper.


In 2000 Year, We begin to product air shower, other clean room equipments, and air filters.


In 2009 Year, Zhisheng Purification Technology Co.,Limited is builded in Hongkong, and we started to export products to other countries.


In 2010 Year, We do the third party certificate of HEPA filters.


In 2011 Year, We do the testing room to test HEPA filters.


In 2013 year, We begin to do Sole cleaning machine, boot washer, hygiene station machines.


In 2015 Year, We started to product the machienes for hospital, like laminar flow air supply ceiling, Drug cabinets, Medicine Cabinets and others.


In 2016 Years, We added Lase cutting machine and digital bending machine, to make sure good quality of clean room equipments.


In 2017 Years, We build a new company, Dongguan Lihong Purification Technology Co,Ltd.



In 2019 Year,  We have the office in Vietnam.



We started to manufacture air diffuser, air grilles and air damper from 1997.



We delevoped to manufacture air shower, FFU, clean bench, pass box,other purification machins and air filters for clean room from 2000.


We provide sole cleaning machine and hyigene station machine from 2015.


We provide  air purification equiements for hostipal in 2015.




Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited
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North America

Western Europe

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No. of Employees : 50~100

Annual Sales : 1500000-2500000

Year Established : 2006

Export p.c : 60% - 70%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Certification China Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Certification China Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Certification China Zhisheng Purification Technology Co., Limited Certification